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About me

I’m a frontend developer from Denmark doing mostly content sites with Umbraco CMS. I’m also a co-owner of Vokseværk, a design and development bureau in Aarhus, Denmark.


Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with a bunch of different technologies, including (in no particular order):

Also, I’ve had the (sometimes) pleasure (and sometimes horror) of trying out all of these solutions for managing content (aka CMSs):

(Again, in no particular order)

After having had to bend my frontend code in horrible ways to adapt to the output of any given system’s “Master Template” (or equivalent otherwise named base output), I finally found Umbraco in circa 2009 and haven’t looked away since.

What’s rendered by Umbraco is of my own doing - not someone else’s.

Current toolset

I host a lot of code on GitHub and post a lot of words on Twitter.

I’ve been using TextMate since forever, but these days I’m using Panic’s brand new Nova code editor more and more, which I like quite a lot.

I use CodeKit for all things compiling (Less, ES6 etc.).