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Tools & Resources

Over the years I’ve produced a chunk of “tools” that I refer to from time to time, so I’ve gathered them here - who knows; you might find one of them useful too :)

Object Builder [redux]

I built this as a way to quickly mock up an object or two and to be able to grab the stubbed-out code as a start.

Maximum Request Length Calculator

A tool for users of Umbraco (or .NET really?) to calculate the numbers needed to punch into the configuration file, when you need to allow a certain size for uploads.

Umbraco Razor Quick Reference

My own format for quick reference of Razor as used in Umbraco.


A .less file with a set of mixins I seem to be using on most projects, so found a way to have it readily available, and where I can at least do some pseudo-versioning.


Very much akin to the above mentioned mixins, this is a JavaScript file that I also wanted to keep handy and available - think jQuery but 100× smaller (if not 1,000×).

Subtree Merge

This tool comes in handy when you need to pull part of one Git repository into another.