About greystate.dk & me

Green Guitar Goblin Hi — my name is Chriztian, and “I wanna be a famous rock ‘n roll guitar player” – but until that happens I’m comfortably living in Denmark with my wife and two kids.

I run a website on XSLT with articles & tools called “Pimp My XSLT”.

I played guitar in danish rock band Audia and you definitely missed out if you didn’t catch us live, back in the day (that is, if you’re into rock & guitars).

greystate is the site for my weblog and all the other web-related stuff I do.

What I’m currently excited about

Is that the old green guitar of yore, you’re “playing” in that photo?

U bet—it’s called Chriz ReQuest #001 and it’s been with me for the better part of some 20+ years.

Chriztian Steinmeier


Guitar photo by Niels Steinmeier. The font used for the huge(!) greystate header (and, if installed, navigation too) is planet eStyle, created by Mads Rydahl of planet.dk. Code editor of choice is the rather excellent TextMate.